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Wooden tableware, wooden knife, fork, spoon, disposable tableware, degradable wooden tableware

Wooden tableware is a natural product made of a rich and renewable resource "wood", which is 100% degradable. Compared with non degradable plastic tableware, wooden tableware is a safe and better choiceMaterial: birch

Size: 110mm, 140mm, 178mm, support custom size

Features: (1) after polishing, the surface is smooth without burrs

(2) Birch has its own antibacterial disinfection, which makes it safer to use

(3) It is made of natural materials to avoid the influence of chemical components such as plastics on the taste of hot drinks

(4) Made of fast-growing wood, it is an environmentally friendly product

Purpose: coffee shop, hotel, home, party, restaurant, wedding, small restaurant, conference room and other places.

环保一次性木制刀叉勺/西餐用160木刀木叉木勺/甜品冰淇淋勺子采用优质的木头材质制作而成,材料不含双酚A(BPA free)、无毒无味,绿色环保,经久可自行分解,使用安全,防热油。材质轻盈,方便携带,防水防热油,环保无污染,硬度好,不变形,使用时有淡淡的木质芳香,给您不一样的自然体验。天然可再生材质,可完全自然降解,孕妇、婴儿都可使用。一次性刀叉勺非常适合当下环保氛围下使用,可以在西餐厅、蛋糕烘烤店、家庭或聚会等地方使用,商务聚会、银行、公司招待各种商务高端场所等也可用。一次性刀叉勺适合做牛排刀、西餐叉、酸奶勺、冰激凌勺、甜品勺、蛋糕叉等,家用、店里、外出野餐都可用。

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