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Wooden tableware, wooden knife, fork, spoon, disposable tableware, degradable wooden tableware

Wooden tableware is a natural product made of a rich and renewable resource "wood", which is 100% degradable. Compared with non degradable plastic tableware, wooden tableware is a safe and better choiceMaterial: birch

Size: 110mm, 140mm, 178mm, support custom size

Features: (1) after polishing, the surface is smooth without burrs

(2) Birch has its own antibacterial disinfection, which makes it safer to use

(3) It is made of natural materials to avoid the influence of chemical components such as plastics on the taste of hot drinks

(4) Made of fast-growing wood, it is an environmentally friendly product

Purpose: coffee shop, hotel, home, party, restaurant, wedding, small restaurant, conference room and other places.

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